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Rey Fernando de Castilla Antique Fino


SKU 8423360040035

Bodegas Rey Fernando de Castilla is a small, family owned producer offering only the very best products from the sherry district for a demanding and select group of consumers. These wines belong to a collection of unique sherries that are all truly magnificent examples of their particular style. The wines have been aged to perfection in our cellars in the historic centre of Jerez de la Frontera, and after having been drawn from each individual Solera the wines are bottled without any blending, clarification, cold stabilization or other aggressive processes that could remove the subtlest fragrances and flavour from the wines. In order to show the beautiful colour of the wines,they are presented in clear glass bottles of the highest quality. Since the wines are completely natural and untreated, some sediments might develop after a certain period in the bottle. This will not affect the quality of the wine. This is a wine that has spent a longer than normal period in a Fino Solera and has developed towards a style that is fuller in flavour and more complex than the light style which currently is fashionable. A wonderful aperitif wine.
Category Sherry
Country Spain
Region Jerez / Sherry / Manzanilla
Brand Rey Fernando de Castilla